About MelaminePad

An Innovation with Effective Range

Through the use of haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads, floor coverings can be cleaned with minimal time, effort and chemical use. They can be implemented particularly successfully with porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone and artificial stone, as well as all structured surfaces. The copyright-protected pads are made from refined melamine foam.

The white-grey colouring of the pads comes from the production process and has no effect on flooring or cleaning performance. While pure melamine tears easily, haid-tec®’s MelaminPlusPads are particularly tear-proof thanks to their special finish. As a result, a high lifetime of up to 10 machine-hours is possible, whereas pads made out of pure melamine mostly get torn or worn out after just a single machine-hour.

MelaminPads by haid-tec

The perfect for all machines

haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads are available in various sizes. For instance, 16-inch pads can be mounted onto single-disc machines without any problems.

Furthermore, haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads are available in the appropriate size for all standard scrubber-driers.

The average range of a haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad is around 10,000 sqm.

Then, either a new haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad can be fitted, or a pad that is used for the customary daily cleaning.

In surface cleaning, the definition of and resultant implementation of an appropriate cleaning concept is crucial for success.

In order to achieve outstanding cleaning results, a daily cleaning product that is appropriate for the floor covering must be used. With porcelain stoneware or hard rock flooring, for example, daily non-film-forming cleaning products should be used in order to achieve effective floor cleaning.

The following applies when carrying out the cleaning process: the more slowly and frequently the floor is covered by the machine, and the higher its contact pressure, the better the cleaning performance.

cleaning machines

The following sizes are available for cleaning machines:

  • 280 mm – 11 inch
  • 305 mm – 12 inch
  • 315 mm – 12,5 inch
  • 330 mm – 13 inch
  • 356 mm – 14 inch
  • 381 mm – 15 inch
  • 406 mm – 16 inch
  • 430 mm – 17 inch
  • 457 mm – 18 inch
  • 482 mm – 19 inch
  • 508 mm – 20 inch
  • 530 mm – 21 inch
  • Handpads – 115 x 250 mm

All sizes from 11 to 21 inches are available. Special sizes can be produced.

By default, the pads are equipped with a high quality, tear resistant back as well as with a cutout for easy to use with the machine. No extra charge!

Application examples

17. February 2019

haid-tec bringt Hochleistungs-Reinigungs-Pads für den i-mop XL heraus

Die haid-tec® geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH aus Rottenacker gibt die sofortige Verfügbarkeit zweier neuer Reinigungs-Pads bekannt, die speziell für die i-mop XL Scheuersaugmaschine entwickelt wurden. Durch den Einsatz der Reinigungs-Pads wird eine besonders hohe und effektive Reinigungswirkung erzielt.
6. September 2018
haid-tec MelaminPlusPad research project

MelaminePlusPad research project

On the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has promoted the further development of the haid-tec MelaminePlusPads for efficient and sustainable maintenance cleaning.
30. August 2018

Application example: Basic cleaning of a storage floor

Basic cleaning of a storage floor with a single-disc machine and MelaminePad MelaminPlusPads from haid-tec
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