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What are the general advantages of using haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads?

Flooring can be cleaned with minimal time, effort and chemical use.

For which purposes can a haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad be used?

There have been many years of experience using them to clean mineral floor coverings, porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, artificial stone and structured surfaces.

Are there further areas of use?

Applications for other types of flooring are possible. Suitability should however be checked with the flooring on site.

What materials are the haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads made from?

The haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads are made from refined melamine foam.

Why is melamine foam used for a cleaning pad?

Melamine foam can achieve an outstanding mechanical cleaning performance on mineral floor coverings.

What advantage is there in comparison to pure melamine?

Pure melamine tears easily. Refined melamine foam, however, is more tear-proof. This leads to longer lifetimes – on polished surfaces for example up to ten hours instead of one hour with pure melamine pads.

What area does one hour of lifetime correspond to?

With larger areas, depending on the flooring and other factors, around 500 to 1,000 sqm per hour can be taken as a starting point.

Whose idea was it to use the special melamine foam as a cleaning pad?

The company haid-tec® from Rottenacker, Germany was the first to implement these newly developed pads as a cleaning solution for porcelain stoneware. Here the challenge was to remove a layer of grey fog, that had formed on the surface of the porcelain stoneware flooring, particularly as a result of using inappropriate cleaning products.

Which types of cleaning can be carried out with the haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad?

Basic cleaning: Use of e.g. 16-inch MelaminPlusPad on a single-disc machine.

Daily cleaning: regular use in daily cleaning, equipping the scrubber-drier machines with the corresponding MelaminPlusPads.

Which machines can be used when carrying out daily cleaning?

As a general rule, all current state-of-the-art scrubber-drier machines.

How are MelaminPlusPads mounted onto scrubber-drier machines?

The haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad is simply mounted onto the pad holder of the scrubber-drier machine. The floor is then travelled over as normal with the machine.

Which factors is the cleaning performance dependent upon?

The more slowly and frequently the floor is covered by the cleaning machine, and the higher its contact pressure, the better the cleaning performance.

Which cleaning products are appropriate for use with the haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads?

The optimally appropriate ones are specially developed haid-tec® daily cleaners. These are non-film-forming. Through the combined use of haid-tec® daily cleaners and haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads, cleaning performance is optimised.

What needs to be considered when using haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads?

Once the haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad is worn out, the machine should either be equipped with a further haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads or a standard pad (e.g. microfibre polypad), which are normally used for cleaning.

Is there any further information about cleaning the edges that the machine cannot reach?

Edges can be cleaned manually with the haid-tec® hand pad attached to a handle mount.

Are references available for the haid-tec® MelaminPlusPad?

haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads have been used successfully for years on floor coverings by market leaders in industry, trade and business.

Which products are currently available?

haid-tec® MelaminPlusPads are available for all established scrubber-drier machines:

with diameter 280 mm – 11 inch/ 12.5 inch/ 13 inch/ 14 inch/ 16 inch/ 18 inch up to 508 mm – 20 inch, 6 pads per box. Plus haid-tec® hand pads 115 x 250 mm, 15 pads per box.

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